Upcoming events

Easter at Chatswood

Mon Mar 30th, 12.35pm-1.25pm
Easter talk and hot cross buns at Chatswood Library

In the beginning

Next on Tue Mar 31st, 12.30pm-1.20pm
Life can be summed up in two answers to two questions:  where did I come from?  Where am I going?  These are questions Genesis from the Bible answers in profound ways. City Forums on Tuesdays.

Easter at St Leonards

Wed Apr 1st, 12.30pm-1.25pm
Lunch at St Leonards to hear an Easter talk and enjoy lunch together

Does God have a sense of humour?

Starts on Wed Apr 1st, 12.35pm-1.10pm
Free lunchtime events featuring comedians, God and a laugh or two.

Easter food and Bible story

Thu Apr 2nd, 1.10pm-1.50pm
Celebrate Easter in the Sydney CBD with hot cross buns, tea and reading part of the Easter story in a small group.

Recent news

Lennox DVD released

Nov 27th, 2014
The ideal gift for the curious, the skeptic and the believer who's interested in questions of science and faith

Better off without religion

Michael Jensen
Nov 6th, 2014
Why has the West tuned out to Christianity? Is Jesus relevant in the 21st Century?

Lennox on the ABC

Oct 11th, 2014
ABC TV's Big Ideas has dished up some Cosmic Chemistry

Videos of Lennox released

Sep 23rd, 2014
Videos from Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth are now available

Faith ... a quantum leap

Daniel Peet, Robert Norman, Graeme Young
Aug 19th, 2014
3 scientists walk into a pub ... and discuss science and faith
We welcome everyone to discuss the bigger questions with us regardless of their beliefs.