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Christians in the workplace

An Insider's View of Christianity in the Media

Thu Jul 14th, 5.30pm-8.30pm
How does the media work, and how does it view Christianity?  How do we, as Christians, engage with the media?

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Rethinking Work - as it happened

Apr 29th, 2016
Work can be great, it can be frustrating! Is it time to have another think about work? Listen again to the Rethinking Work talks

Rethinking work - Good Work

Glenn Hohnberg
Apr 27th, 2016
Rediscover the goodness of work

Rethinking Work - Why Work?

Glenn Hohnberg
Apr 26th, 2016
Understanding this could change your day

Rethinking work - Why Work? Question Time

Glenn Hohnberg
Apr 26th, 2016
Question time from Rethinking work - talk 1 - Why Work?

3 Keys to Happiness: The paradox of being true to yourself

Sam Chan
Mar 9th, 2016
"Above all else be true to thyself." But does it work? Does it really bring happiness? Or is it a trap? Sam Chan explores how we often fail to find happiness when we are true to ourselves and how living for something bigger than ourselves might just hold the secret to true happiness.
We welcome everyone to discuss the bigger questions with us regardless of their beliefs.