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Sing like an angel?

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Wed Dec 10th, 12pm-1.30pm
We'd love you to join us for Christmas carols and the real story behind our favourite carols.

Recent news

Beer: Proof that God loves us?

Oct 15th, 2014
Beer is a good gift of God's creation and proof that God loves us. But Jesus is even better proof.

Lennox on the ABC

Oct 11th, 2014
ABC TV's Big Ideas has dished up some Cosmic Chemistry

Satan and evil in the world

Glenn Hohnberg
Oct 10th, 2014
"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist."

Myth busters: Christianity!

Sep 23rd, 2014
Did the early Christians invent their myth within 5 years?

Videos of Lennox released

Sep 23rd, 2014
Videos from Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth are now available
We welcome everyone to discuss the bigger questions with us regardless of their beliefs.