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What if God were one of us?

City Forums
Next on Tue Sep 1st, 12.30pm-1.20pm
Nothing could be more startling, more challenging, or more electrifying than God becoming a man and walking among us.

Christians in the workplace

Jeremiah 29

Prayer teams
Next on Wed Sep 2nd, 7.30am-8.15am
Seek the welfare of the city. Join us to pray.

Recent news

A talking donkey? That's nothing

Aug 11th, 2015
Given that beliefs have consequences, accepting a talking donkey is surely the better option.

Can History be Theology? An invitation to Peter Boghossian

Jul 17th, 2015
Is it really true that History can not be Theology? I'd love for Dr Peter Boghossian to back up his assertion. 

What if God... Webcasts

Jul 14th, 2015
Our webcast for What if God... is now available for those unable to make it to our City Forums.

Is Generation Y too busy?

Jul 1st, 2015
Gen Y and feeling busy? The good news is, you're not alone.

Jesus @ the Movies: Interstellar

Scott Pasley
Jun 23rd, 2015
Jesus @ the Movies: Interstellar
We welcome everyone to discuss the bigger questions with us regardless of their beliefs.