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Exploring Christianity

Ask some big questions

City Forums
Starts on Tue Oct 6th, 12.30pm-1.20pm
Join us to explore four big questions that people ask about Christianity and the Christian God.
Take a seat...

The Reason for God Forum

Tue Nov 3rd to Tue Nov 24th
The Reason for God is an opportunity to consider the frequent doubts of sceptics and believers concerning Christianity. It is an opportunity to hear a sound, rational and compelling reason for belief in the Christian God.

Christians in the workplace

How to tell your friends about Jesus

Tue Oct 20th, 7pm-9pm
Jesus commands us to make disciples. But are we all equipped for the job?

Jeremiah 29

Prayer teams
Next on Wed Nov 4th, 7.30am-8.15am
Seek the welfare of the city. Join us to pray.

Recent news

Are our Aussie secular views a good place to hide?

Sep 22nd, 2015
Why should all people be treated as equal? What makes the assertion true that we all share a bond of brotherhood? Will our secular Aussie views be enough given the rise of radical Islam?

Ashley Madison

Sep 1st, 2015
A recent blog on the Ashley Madison hack.

A talking donkey? That's nothing

Aug 11th, 2015
Given that beliefs have consequences, accepting a talking donkey is surely the better option.

Can history be theology? An invitation to Peter Boghossian

Jul 17th, 2015
Is it really true that History can not be Theology? I'd love for Dr Peter Boghossian to back up his assertion. 

What if God... webcasts

Jul 14th, 2015
Our webcast for What if God... is now available for those unable to make it to our City Forums.
We welcome everyone to discuss the bigger questions with us regardless of their beliefs.