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Tue Oct 25th, Wed Oct 26th, Thu Oct 27th, 12.30pm-1.20pm
More than... Love Money Power an opportunity to consider the important things in life

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Save the date - When the fashion model met the designer - 23 August

Tracy Trinita
Aug 23rd, 2016
Come and hear how Tracy searched and found true happiness: When the fashion model met the designer

Catwalk conversion

Tracy Trinita
Aug 22nd, 2016
Tracy Trinita found fortune and fame as a supermodel, but discovered true happiness somewhere quite different

Have we lost our shared humanity?

Aug 17th, 2016
We are so easily offended. Is this because we have lost our shared humanity?

Celebration dinner with Steve Austin SOLD OUT!

Jul 13th, 2016
We're excited to announce that our Celebration Dinner has now sold out!

Rethinking Work - as it happened

Apr 29th, 2016
Work can be great, it can be frustrating! Is it time to have another think about work? Listen again to the Rethinking Work talks
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