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Thu Jun 8th, 6.30pm-9pm
What hope in a world of fake news and failed leaders?

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Hacksaw Ridge pre-screening event reflection

Reel Dialogue
Dec 2nd, 2016
Philip McMaster shares how he benefited from the movie and panel discussion

When the fashion model met the designer

Tracy Trinita tour 2016
Tracy Trinita
Aug 26th, 2016
Tracy Trinita tells how she finally met the designer she’s been modelling for since birth

Catwalk conversion

Tracy Trinita tour 2016
Aug 22nd, 2016
Tracy Trinita found fortune and fame as a supermodel, but discovered true happiness somewhere quite different

Stop reacting to pop culture... start redeeming it.

Reel Dialogue
Jul 19th, 2016
An interview with Sam Chan
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