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Logos Live

The End of Infectious Disease?

Logos Live
Wed Aug 31st, 12.30pm-1.15pm
Can vaccinations save the world? What about prayer and faith healing? What are we to make of expensive medical intervention?

Christians in the workplace

Life@Work Conference: Love Thy Neighbour

Thu Oct 27th to Fri Oct 28th
How every act of your daily labour can be an expression of love

Recent news

Logos Live 52: how to get a good nights sleep

Logos Live
Andrew Laird
Aug 28th, 2016
Are you feeling tired? The Bible offers practical and helpful advice on living and thriving today.

Catwalk conversion

Tracy Trinita
Aug 22nd, 2016
Tracy Trinita found fortune and fame as a supermodel, but discovered true happiness somewhere quite different

When Miracles happen at Logos Live

Logos Live
Aug 12th, 2016
We talked about miracles but we didn't know one was about to happen.

Logos Live 51: When miracles happen

Logos Live
Linda Bailey
Aug 7th, 2016
Hear stories of when miracles happen, but how can someone trust Jesus when they don't?

Logos Live 50: Honouring the Anzacs: have we gone too far?

Logos Live
Mike Raiter
Jul 31st, 2016
Mike Raiter shares how Anzac Day has gone beyond simply a day of remembrance.
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