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Words to live by

Logos Live
Next on Wed May 11th, 12.35pm-1.10pm
Practical advice on living and thriving in Melbourne today

Christians in the workplace

Flourishing in a hostile city

Fri May 6th to Sat May 7th
Is it possible for Christian workers to flourish when the world around them is driven by egos and commercial outcomes?

Patience, Promotions & Setbacks

Life in the jungle
Thu Jun 9th, 5.45pm-8pm
Just started out in the workplace? An evening to prepare you for the ups and downs of life in the workplace

How to handle pressure and get a better nights sleep

Thu Jun 23rd, 7.15am-8.30am
Staying up late to get work done. Lying awake with worry, How do I cope with the overwhelming pressures of work and sleep better?

Recent news

Logos Live 37: Encountering God himself?

Robert Martin
May 1st, 2016
The tables are turned on Logos Live - the hunter becomes the hunted! Regular host Robert Martin is the guest and shares about what we are to make of death and how we can know God is really there.

Logos Live 36: Encountering the brokenness of the world

Tim Curtis
Apr 24th, 2016
What is wrong with the world? Hear Tim Curtis' story of brokenness and powerful encounter with Jesus.

Logos Live 35: Encountering the most remarkable event in world history

Aaron Boyd
Apr 17th, 2016
Unexpected answers to life's biggest questions

Logos Live 34: Future: I am going ... where?

David Knox
Feb 21st, 2016
Find something more at work

Logos Live 33: Finances: I am what I earn?

Jenny George
Feb 14th, 2016
Find something more at work.
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