Upcoming events

An invitation to Richard Dawkins: Can we live by science alone?

Logos Live
Wed Mar 2nd, 12.30pm-1.10pm
An invitation for one of the world's leading atheists to engage this question on Logos Live.

Christians in the workplace

How to handle the pressure to conform

Thu Feb 25th, 7.15am-8.30am
How does the Christian faith help in navigating the pressures of work?

Welcome to the Jungle - 2016 launch

Life in the Jungle
Mon Feb 29th, 5.45pm-8pm
In 2016 as you transition from university to work we want to help you flourish not flounder

Life in the Jungle - Seminars

Life in the Jungle
Mon Mar 7th to Mon Apr 18th
Join us at a series of six after work seminars in March & April as we cover a range of issues crucial to helping you thrive in the workplace.

Recent news

Logos Live 32: Fulfilment: I am what I do?

Andrew Laird
Feb 7th, 2016
Find something more at work.

Logos Live 31: Frustration: I am frustrated at work

Kara Martin
Jan 31st, 2016
Find something more at work.

Logos Live 30: Six stories of transformation

Michelle Monro, Shane Rogerson, Tracy Lauersen, Victor Soo, Anne Winckel, Guy Mason
Jan 24th, 2016
Hear how God has transformed the lives of six Logos Live guests.

Position Vacant: Women's Program Coordinator and Trainer

Jan 12th, 2016
Want to work with City Bible Forum? We are looking for a women's program coordinator and trainer

Why atheism should celebrate its evangelicalism

Jan 11th, 2016
Why the visit of Sam Harris to Australia should be described as an evangelistic tour
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