News stories for Melbourne

Asking Melbourne the Bigger Questions

Bigger questions
Mar 21st, 2017
We want to ask Melbournians some big questions of our own to kickstart conversations and help shape the future program of Bigger Questions.

A mountain to climb

Dec 31st, 2016
Join us as we climb a mountain

2016 recording schedule

Bigger questions
Sep 21st, 2016
What coming up this year

Catwalk conversion

Tracy Trinita tour 2016
Aug 22nd, 2016
Tracy Trinita found fortune and fame as a supermodel, but discovered true happiness somewhere quite different

Position Vacant: Women's Program Coordinator and Trainer

Jan 12th, 2016
Want to work with City Bible Forum? We are looking for a women's program coordinator and trainer

No wonder believers and sceptics disagree – they use different definitions

Oct 27th, 2015
City Bible Forum recently ran a study in conjunction with the Rationalist Society of Australia

Position Vacant: Event and administration Coordinator

Jan 30th, 2015
Want to work with City Bible Forum? We are looking for an event and administration coordinator.

Lennox DVD released

Do science and God mix?
Nov 27th, 2014
The ideal gift for the curious, the skeptic and the believer who's interested in questions of science and faith

Videos of Lennox released

Do science and God mix?
Sep 23rd, 2014
Videos from Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth are now available

Lennox event sells out

Do science and God mix?
Aug 7th, 2014
The Melbourne event has sold out