Prayer teams in Perth

There are many opportunities to meet with other Christians to pray for gospel opportunities in Perth.

Contact us to find out about prayer teams near you, or if you would like to start a team.


Download it here for free

A useful tool for Christians who team up to pray for each other and for their non-Christian contacts. Record prayer notes and track progress in sharing Jesus.


  • set up multiple teams (for work, church, ...)
  • "Action Steps" offer suggestions for making progress in evangelism
  • use the app when praying with your team and in private
  • helpful articles on evangelism and running a Prayer Team for evangelism
  • synchronise your partners' updates with your own database or send your whole data file to a new team member
  • send emails to your team partners for meeting reminders etc
  • end-of-year review

A map of the various prayer groups meeting throughout the week: