Upcoming events

The story of Jesus

Bible Shots
Next on Wed May 31st, 7.40am-8.10am Other times
A look at the source documents about Jesus

Jesus' conflict with the religious

City Legal
Next on Thu Jun 1st, 7.30am-8.20am
Why did Jesus find himself in conflict with religious people?

Exploring Christianity

Ski 17

Fri Sep 1st to Sun Sep 3rd
Our Young Workers Ski Trip for 2017

Christians in the workplace

Taking good conversations one step further

Core training
Mon May 29th, 6pm-7.45pm
How do we take good conversations one step further?

Recent news

The Shack review

Reel Dialogue
May 25th, 2017
A message that is more hollow than hopeful

Unspoken - Converting Comparison into Joy

May 25th, 2017
Missed out on Headstart? Check out our summary of Unspoken: "Man... if only..." Converting Comparison into Joy


City Legal
Michael Kellahan
May 18th, 2017
Why do some see Christianity undermining public order?

Thinking of others

Bible Shots
Lachlan Orr
May 17th, 2017
It’s easy to hear moral instruction and judge others. Jesus tells us to do something different.

King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword

Reel Dialogue
May 16th, 2017
Film review - Maybe the sword should have remained in the stone
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