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It was safer to be his pig than his son

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How different is the Christmas we know to the gritty picture presented in the book of Matthew?

I walked through Martin Place in Sydney yesterday and saw the five-storey high plastic Christmas tree in the shape of a rocket with huge shiny balls and lights attached. I wandered through the shopping centre full of reindeers, fake snow and elves and couldn't help but think that Christmas has become not just commercialised, but imaginary - with talking animals and Santa Claus, etc. How different this is to the real and gritty picture that Matthew presents as he tells us of the birth of Jesus.

All the time in the world?

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If you rethink time - you'll have all the time you need

It was Wednesday night in July. The State of Origin was about to start. In my loungeroom, a couple of mates were gathered around to watch the game. Kick-off was just minutes away. Over the noise of the TV and rugby league cliché’s I heard raised voices coming from the driveway next door. I walked outside to have a quick look. My neighbour - a man I had known and liked for years - was standing at the front of his home looking shattered.