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Driving cradle to grave (just in a better car)

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We will all make our last journey in a car

We will all make our last journey in a car. And that journey is probably going to be a little slower than the myriad journeys we’ve made in the past. Somewhat more sedate.

Ripped Off

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It’s the modern malaise. Reaching upwards for something, but never quite sure what it is.

Do you ever feel ripped off? Ever feel that even if you have reached the pinnacle of something, be that in business (or the actual pinnacle of Everest!), there’s still something missing?

It’s not unusual to feel that way, in fact it’s increasingly common. Many people in the West are highly anxious, worried that they’ve missed out on something, despite having so much. It seems like we’re not lacking opportunity or choice, we’re lacking meaning and purpose.

Ascending the summit

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Can we live without transcendence?

Seen that viral photo of the human traffic jam near the summit of Everest? In another setting it’s just a Coles checkout queue, only without another checkout to jump to if it looks like it’s moving quicker.

The photo has launched a thousand articles (a thousand and one now), mostly about how the mountain has become just another bucket list item for wealthy adventurers.

Dodging the jobless bullet

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“What can you do about it? If it’s going to happen you won’t know about it and at least it will be a quick kill.”

That sounds like a witness in a mafia trial talking about his odds of survival, but it was simply a conversation with a friend about the prospect of keeping his job.

My friend, who works for a big national corporation had been in Sydney for a week on business, and I called him to ask how it went, in what is an industry going through an incredible amount of change due to high exposure to disruptive technologies.

“So, do you think you’re job’s safe?” I’d asked him.

“No one’s job is safe, but what can you do about it? I can’t live thinking that I might be next.”

Keeping your head up in a keep your head down world

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Being the non-anxious presence

Sometimes we predict the future incorrectly and it’s kinda fun. As I found out when I watched Ridley Scott’s original 1989 Bladerunner movie a few weeks back, which is set in Los Angeles in 2019.

Scott’s movie deals with some pressing issues around artificial intelligence that haven’t arrived yet, but could still, though they’re a long way off. But what does future LA look like in 2019?

Izzy good? Izzy bad?

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Our secular culture is dead scared of actual difference, of deep diversity.

You can see the Hollywood movie now.

Racial minority member of society makes it big in a sport played predominantly by white, well educated private school types. He holds opposing views about sexuality and religion to the multi-national corporations in their suits who are paying the big bucks to keep the sports machine afloat.

He’s the most talented player on the field, wins all the games for the team, and the money pours in. But he’s on a warning. Fit in Izzy. Don’t show your true colours. Don’t express your true self.

Workism Part 3

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What would it look like in the world of workism to realise that our identity is not produced by us?

New York pastor Tim Keller tells of the woman who turned up at his church to investigate Christianity because her boss decided to take the rap for a career-threatening financial mistake she had made.

When she asked him why he’d do that for her he assured her that he had enough kudos with the boardroom that he would be able to weather the storm. She, of course, pressed him with another “But why?”

Workism Pt 2:

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Don’t soldier on with Codral

If you’re of a certain age you’ll recall the “Soldier On With Codral” advertising campaign (you can probably hear the jingle as you read this).

There you were struck down by a cold, or even worse - man flu! You feel and look dreadful and the weather outside is miserable. Is there a salvation available that will enable you to mask the symptoms enough to get ready and get to work in order to have a productive day?

Turns out there is, and it’s in the form of Codral Cold and Flu medication.

The New God of Our Age: Workism

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Can work carry the weight of transcendence?

Well if you’re cramming a soggy bagel and drinking a lukewarm latte at your desk, worried about the twenty emails you haven’t replied to but which you’ll get to tonight over a glass of red when the kids are finally tucked in, then you might want to hold your chair arms a little tighter. Cos this might be a white-knuckled ride.

According to a prediction by economist John Maynard Keynes back in 1930, your biggest problem by now should be what to do with all of the leisure time the 21st century workplace would deliver you.

Christchurch in an age of connectivity

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What of the value of every human life?

A lot of blood, tears and ink have been spilled over last week’s horror in Christchurch.

Many of the fifty funerals are underway already, in keeping with the Muslim tradition of burials being conducted as soon as possible after death.

The last burial may take place by the end of the week, but a city renowned for earthquakes will find that the aftershocks from this event will last much longer than from any natural disaster.