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History and Love on Australia Day

Gemma Cardew's blog

Knowing the personal history of others might just transform your Australia Day

One of the hard things about moving cities or countries is the lack of people around us who know our history and vice versa. It takes time to develop friendships and history together. To feel really known and loved by people. It’s natural we want to establish this because we’re shaped by our personal history. We’re also shaped by the history of the people around us and the history of where we live or have grown up. I’m thankful for people who’ve have taken the time to love me by asking about my life history.

The end of our dreamworld?

Gemma Cardew's blog

In light of the events at Dreamworld, we are reminded that nowhere and no aspect of our lives is immune from the power of death

Happiness. It's what we long for, it’s what we search for. Happiness: in our jobs, with our families, in our homes and especially in our leisure time. Happiness is the tagline for Dreamworld. You go to Dreamworld expecting a day of adrenaline loving happiness. We expect kids will come off rides with big smiles on their faces, wanting to go again. We love the sense of fear as we slowly go up the rise at the beginning of the roller coaster, ready to hurtle down the other side. We challenge each other to raise our arms and scream for fun.

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