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“It’s Wear It Rainbow at work this week.  Not sure what to do."

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Navigating this space well to build good work relationships

“It’s Wear It Rainbow at work this week. Not sure what to do.”

I got that private message on Facebook the other day, and it’s one of several I’ve had in the recent past. And it’s invariably from someone who is in a bit of a fluster because the day that their company board has decided to celebrate all things sexually diverse has been sprung on them.

Cardinal Pell’s conviction:

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how to have conversations that restore

There’s no shortage of public opinion on the recent conviction of Cardinal George Pell for historic child sexual abuse. With this deeply divisive announcement, how can we as individuals, foster conversations that move people toward healing and restoration rather than division, cynicism and fear? How do we acknowledge and address the many and varied emotions likely churning in victims of abuse, their families, members of the Roman Catholic Church, those working hard to weed out the institutional abuse of children, and members of the public unsure who to trust?

Imagine Waking Up Tomorrow and Only You Had Ever Heard of Jesus

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By Stephen McAlpine

Imagine waking up and only you had heard of The Beatles.

That's the concept behind the latest movie from director Danny "SlumDog Millionaire" Boyle and screenwriter Richard "Love Actually" Curtis, Yesterday.

Yesterday is shaping up to be the feel-good movie of the coming northern summer, in which a talented, but spectacularly unsuccessful musician, Jack Malik, wakes up in an English coastal town after a bicycle accident only to discover the world has never heard of The Beatles.

Watch the trailer here, it's magical/miraculous:

Did you know that Jesus was friendly with the seedy and corrupt?

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A Bible Shots Talk by Sam Chan

Right now, Christianity is exploding all over the world. Millions of people in Africa, Asia and South America are choosing to love, worship and follow Jesus. So, what are they seeing in Jesus that we in the West are missing? Maybe it’s time that we in the West took some time out and re-examined the Jesus in the Bible. Forget about the Jesus we think we know. Forget about the Jesus we’ve heard about. Forget about the Jesus we’ve grown up with. And rediscover the Jesus in the Bible.

The Jesus we meet in the Bible

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