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Well done, good and faithful graduate!

A shout out to all my friends who are graduating!

Mark Leong is the Young Workers Program Manager at City Bible Forum which is odd. For he is neither young (although he has the nickname of "babyface" from one young worker) and many of his colleagues question whether he is a worker. A mixture of East meets West, NBA and AFL, High School Musical and ... .... yeah, there is no real opposite of that... all this means is he is a bit confused. However, he does have cool friends and this is his message to a group of them!

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Headstart: Getting our instincts right

What happens at Headstart? Our post-event wrap up from our last Headstart for Term 1

Ben is a young worker who works in communications and marketing for a design agency. In his downtime, you’d find Ben either making the perfect shot on the bball court or capturing the perfect shot through the lens of his DSLR. Not one to rest on his laurels (he has degrees from UWS and UTS), Ben is glad that when it comes to God, he can rest and ride on the coattails of one who is perfect.

“Work, work, from morning until late at night. In fact, I have so much to do that I shall have to spend the first three hours in prayer.”

Martin Luther

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Celebrating the World Cup in style

One way to celebrate the World Cup in style this Easter

It was a weekend of celebrations! Predictions were cast, expectations heightened, FB updates flowed thick and fast, sms-es were traded like stocks as our player’s fortunes plummeted and rose (and no, in case you were wondering, I’m not talking about NSW Decides or whatever was on the ABC)… of course, I’m talking about the cricket!

What a game! What a run-out! What a ball!

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The munch - great expectations #3

Are there unstated expectations with God? Is that why I am frustrated with religion?

Mark Leong just started working in City Bible Forum earlier in the year. Before this, he worked as a tax consultant (don't hold it against him) at Ernst & Young after which he took a career break which became a career change. Having just completed a degree in theology, he still likes to act how he looks rather than his age which worries his wife and 2 year old daughter.

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The munch - great expectations #2

Have your expectations ever been exceeded?

Grace Leong is a Senior Manager at Ernst & Young, a proud mum of one and with another one on the way. Following on from our first blog in this series - Lindy Tan's article on expectations as a young workers - we've asked Grace to share her insights into expectations as a worker and a mum.

The first stage of childbirth: labour

The most common signs and symptoms in Phase One include: backache, cramps, indigestion, diarrhoea… Emotionally, you may feel excitement, relief, anticipation, uncertainty, anxiety, fear…

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Monday morning munch #5

In the end, who has the last word and what will they say? The final stop in our tour of the Bible in 5 days

Well, how are you going? It may be the start of another week, but it’s with a bit of sadness that we come to the end of our this series of Munches. Over the past 5 weeks, we’ve taken a tour of the Bible, pausing at each of the major landmarks, hopped off the bus and begun to explore.

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Monday morning munch #4

How does Vivid Sydney and Jesus mix into a lightshow worth pausing for? Our 4th Munch in our 5 Day tour of the Bible

Morning and welcome to another week! Howz it going? Like you perhaps, last week I had to stay back for a meeting in the office. It was Tuesday night so, like previous times, I expected it would be me and the chirping crickets on George Street. After 8pm, George street is a bit of a ghost town. To my surprise, I dodged a pram, saw a young cosy couple walking to the Quay and a fair few suits cross at the lights – where are all these people flocking to? And then it hit me, it’s Vivid!

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Monday morning munch #3

How might we connect with God? The 3rd Munch in a series "5 Days around the Bible"

Good morning everyone! As we start the week, have you ever experienced this: you dial a number for Bob, it’s his mobile and instead you get a girl called Angie. Fail. Wrong number. Or have you been the recipient of that call, usually at an inconvenient time: you’re in the middle of a meeting, you’re cooking or engulfed in a book and the phone rings… its an odd number, you pick it up just in case and they ask for Paulinierrr….

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