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Am I making a difference?

We want to do more than just eat, sleep and pay the bills. We want our lives to make a difference.

I have a friend called Paul. A little while ago, I emailed him but never got a reply. About a week later, he emailed back and explained that he had been sick. His appendix had ruptured and he went to hospital for an operation. But he was home and better now.

I cheekily replied,

“Wow, 100 years ago if that had happened, you’d be dead now. But now because of antibiotics you’re still alive!”

Being a doctor, I know that antibiotics have made a difference.

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How to be rich and successful without losing your soul

The road to success comes with much uncertainty - am I good enough? Can I stay successful?

I spent a large chunk of my life studying for exams. So why do we do exams? Because they are a gateway to success. If we can pass our exams, we get a qualification. If we get a qualification, we get a job. If we get a job, we’re successful.

We can define success as getting what we’re looking for. Maybe it’s wealth. Or respect. Or a trophy family. But if we can find it, then we’re finally successful.

According to our modern Western narrative, we have to earn our success. It’s not given to us. We have to gain it by being smarter, faster and better than those around us.

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