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Is conversion a dirty word?

Conversion has a bad name. It smacks of superiority; that my way is better than your way. And yet, we all do it – eagerly!

“I like country music,” said my friend, before giving me a look I see regularly after someone tells me they like country music. It’s defiance mixed with pride, and a good measure of trepidation. And not too soon after it comes, “It’s not boring, a lot of country music is quite upbeat, like rock!”, “Elvis was a country singer before he did rock”, “You like Johnny Cash? He’s country”. Then, songs are played and I get that sensation – Uh oh! Is my friend trying to convert me?

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How to get unstuck

Book review: How to get unstuck by Matt Perman

Matt Perman’s previous book What’s Best Next inspired me to make significant changes in my life, so I have been looking forward to his new book, How to get Unstuck.

I reckon we’ve all been stuck at some point in our lives. When we don’t know how to move forward, when we aren’t making the impact that we should be, or where our work lives take up more of our time than it ought to - these are all examples of being ‘stuck’.

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Who are we to judge Matt Lodge or Barnaby Joyce?

Tonight, rugby league kicks off for another year and Brisbane is buzzing. Not because the first game is Brisbane v St George, but because Matt Lodge is running on to Kogarah oval for the first time as prop for Brisbane. Matt is a gifted player. He’s also a player who pleaded guilty for a violent rampage while on holiday in New York. The buzz? Should such a person be allowed to play football professionally? Is this a chance of redemption, or a miscarriage of justice?

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Adam Hills and the keys to Happiness

Has Adam Hills found the keys to happiness?

I’m a great fan of comedy. In many ways our comedians reflect back our values and worldviews – “it’s funny ‘cause it’s true”.

The other night I watched some of Adam Hill’s Happyism from the 2013 Edinborough Comedy Festival.

At the end Adam shared that he’s just found a new religion, after talking to his 95-year-old granddad. His granddad said “My religion is this: family and helping people.” Adam responded, “Granddad, I think I’ve just converted.”

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The offensive and liberating peace of God

In a messy world we need "peace on earth and good will to men" Isn't that what we want?

This week Brisbane farewelled Cole Miller with many tears and great show of public support, thousands flooded the streets of Brisbane dressed in green to affirm with Wally Lewis, “There’s certainly no place whatsoever in this city or anywhere else for senseless acts of violence in our community.”

Yet on the night following Cole Miller’s funeral, another teenager was in hospital after being punched repeatedly only a block from where Cole was attacked. The violence hasn’t ended. Peace still seems far off.

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Pleasurable work

The Bible gives us hope that our work is good, a source of joy and meaningful

(Ecclesiastes 2:1-26)

Why do we work?

One lunch time, a business executive went up to the office coffee cart, but as he arrived he noticed the coffee cart man was packing up.

The business executive asked, ‘What are you doing?’

‘Packing up,’ was the man’s reply.


‘I’ve made enough money for the day. I want to go home, enjoy my life, rest and drink a coffee with my wife,’ the man said.

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How to avoid regret with one simple word

How asking 'why' can save us from regret...

I recently added a new skill to my repertoire: tattoo checker. A friend wanted to get a Hebrew tattoo and he (wisely) wanted to make sure it said what he wanted it to say. Unlike the guy recently found in a Walmart with a Hebrew tattoo, which he claimed said strength. It didn’t. His skin said matso. This is the flat, thin biscuit eaten during Passover.*

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Phillip Hughes and hope

A reflection on the loss of Phillip Hughes

Hope. For three days this week our nation held its collective breath for news of Phillip Hughes. We hoped, we prayed. Surely someone being hit in the head by a cricket ball while wearing a helmet won't result in death? We waited to hear that he had woken up. We waited to hear the estimates of when he would be back. Now our prayers fall silent. Now we feel empty. Now that hope is gone.

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Pray for him!

PRAY FOR HIM! Such was the headline that screamed at me on Wednesday morning from the front page of the Courier Mail.

PRAY FOR HIM! Such was the headline that screamed at me on Wednesday morning from the front page of the Courier Mail. I stopped. I was taken aback. It's not everyday that a national newspaper leads with a call to prayer!

My heart goes out to Phillip Hughes. We all go to work expecting to come home fit and well. We certainly don't expect a game of cricket to end in an emergency airlift to hospital and emergency surgery. But such was the lot of Hughes after being struck by a ball at the SCG on Tuesday.

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