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Christians in the workplace

Money: Drifting or Driving

Adelaide Young Workers Event
Thursday May 2nd, 5.30pm to 7.30pm

When it comes to managing money, are we just drifting along or driving how we spend and save it? Come and chat with other young workers about how to move from aimless and reactionary spending to purposeful and intentional management of the gifts God has given.

The Astor Hotel

Thursday 2 May

5:00-7:00 pm

Buy your own dinner

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The Future of Work

Twisted Technology
Wednesday June 5th, 7.15am to Thursday June 6th, 8.30am

From the Tower of Babel onward our technological developments are often twisted to the detriment of ourselves and our world. Our technology ends up ruling us. How can we be alert to the twisting of technology, especially in the age of machines and robotics? This is the second talk in our The Future of Work Life@Work breakfast series.

Life@Work director Andrew Laird
Plus TBC

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Fruitfulness on the Frontline

Discover how where you are now truly matters to God.
Tuesday July 9th, 5.45pm to 8.30pm

Discover how where you are now truly matters to God.

We all have an everyday context that’s significant to God, full of people who matter to God. But can we see how God might have been working in and through us on our frontlines, especially the workplace? And can we imagine what more God might want to do there?

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Unpacked #5: Conflict of Interest

I want to be committed to God but I have to work

Shernese is a young worker and regular at Headstart. Easy going, smiley and a knack to summarise discussions in a poignant way, you'd think Shernese works in marketing and guess what, she does! She loves live concerts, ice cream bread (ask her about her trip to Singapore) and when the tune is right, will bust a move on the dance floor but now, she's writing our summary for Unpacked #5: Conflict of Interest - I want to be committed to God but I have to work.

Ever feel like a filing cabinet?

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Unpacked #4: Low Interest Rates

I want to be fulfilled but I feel bored

Louisa is a Headstarter who works at Telstra. A snowboarder, go-karter, world traveller and bubble tea drinker (I'll let you figure out the order of priority), Louisa lives in the fast lane which might also explain her current reading, Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow by nobel-prize winner Daniel Kannerman (a great book, you should definitely read it). Thoughtful, incisive and funny, all of these are in Louisa's match summary of Low Interest Rates: I want to be fulfilled but I feel bored.

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Cronies & Chronicles

2019 EPT Happy Hours
Thursday April 11th, 5.30pm to 7.00pm

The EPT Happy Hour is back!

Take the opportunity to stop and recharge and head to the City Bible Forum Happy Hour for a relaxing hour. Meet other Christian workers and hear some of the things that God is doing around Adelaide workplaces. Give yourself the time and put it in your calendar today.

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Unpacked #3: Low Conversion Rates

I want to share Jesus but it feels hopeless

Lisa is a Headstarter whose particular attention to the sushi and food generally makes you wonder why she actually comes to Headstart each Monday - is it for the community, the training or purely the food? Working at Telstra, below is Lisa's first ever match report (yay!) and her insights into the next talk in our Unpacked series "Low Conversion Rates: I want to share Jesus but it feels hopeless."

The Night in a Tweet

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Unpacked #2: Insider trading

I want to be successful but I feel conflicted

Julie is a young worker and regular in Headstart. Some might think she gets all her zest for life from the free Coke she gets to “sample” at work but if you know her, her zest is fuelled by her love for all things pertaining to and vaguely related to New Zealand. Many Headstarters have joked questioning her Australian tax residency, given she seems to be in Kiwi land so often. Julie writes a match summary of Insider Trading: I want to be successful but I feel conflicted and yes, she loves puns.

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