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Avengers: Endgame

Reel Dialogue's spoiler free review

Kevin Feige and the team at the Marvel Cinematic Universe have managed to pull off something unprecedented to maintain the attention of a passionate fanbase through 22 films over 11 years. There have been longer lasting franchises, like James Bond, but nothing on the scale or with the concerted effort of this series of films. From Ironman (2008) until Captain Marvel (2019), each has played its part in adding to the storyline that has led to Avengers: Endgame.

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The scandal of Easter

Anyone can be forgiven

Easter is one of those things in life that we say "yes" to without thinking about it too much. Chocolate, hot cross buns, holidays.

But there's a more serious side to Easter.

Jesus was crucified with two criminals who admit themselves that they deserve the horrible death of crucifixion.

They are guilty of terrible crimes, they don't have time to be baptised or do religious works to somehow make up for their sins, yet Jesus promises one of the criminals "today you will be with me in paradise." How is this possible?

The Least of These: The Graham Staines Story

Reel Dialogue screening + panel discussion

Reel Dialogue and Hope 103.2 invite you to attend a special pre-screening of The Least of These: The Graham Staines Story on Friday evening, 10th May at Event Cinemas Castle Hill.

Following the screening, this unique event will include a Q&A with a special guest panel including Victor Abraham (Producer), Laura Bennett (Hope FM Presenter) & Russ Matthews (Reel Dialogue - Film Reviewer).

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The scandal of Easter

Why Jesus' scandalous claim gives us hope

Easter is one of those things in life that we say "yes" to without thinking about it too much. Chocolate, hot cross buns, holidays. Even the religious side of Easter sounds good: forgiveness of sins, eternal life etc.

But there's a darker side to Easter. There's a scandal to Easter which you may not have considered.

In fact there are 3 scandals relating to Easter which centre around the conversation that Jesus has with the two criminals who were executed side by side with him.

How far will he go?

The search

I once heard the story of a wedding ring lost on a beach and only found many hours later after a painstaking search. What lost thing would you continue searching for until you found it?

Obviously the value of what is lost will impact the intensity of the search. Something precious and irreplaceable will be searched for with greater effort and care than something ephemeral.

At City Legal, Dr Peter Jensen consider the lengths Jesus will go to and what this means for us today.

Easter makes the world a better place

Consider the heart of the Christian story and how it makes the world a better place

Could Easter really make the world a better place? Everyone views the world through a lens, through the stories they use to make sense of what happens around us and to us. Christians claim to have a better story, a story that that changes how we view the world. It shows us what the world is really like, where we fit in and what it means for living life well. But this story can take time to unpack. It can appear odd, counter intuitive and even offensive. Could Easter really make the world better?

Izzy good? Izzy bad?

Our secular culture is dead scared of actual difference, of deep diversity.

Image: used under creative commons license.

You can see the Hollywood movie now.

Racial minority member of society makes it big in a sport played predominantly by white, well educated private school types. He holds opposing views about sexuality and religion to the multi-national corporations in their suits who are paying the big bucks to keep the sports machine afloat.

So it's nearly Easter

Why should you bother with Jesus at this time?

What a year! With Easter falling close to ANZAC day you can take three days annual leave and get 10 days off. I suspect many workplaces will be quiet in the week after the Easter long-weekend.

So why would you bother going to an Easter church service or even giving “the reason for the Easter season” a second thought during a holiday period?