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This resource collection explores infectious disease, the social and economic change of the COVID-19 pandemic and the hope we have beyond our present day.

Subtitle: Fear, anxiety, disease, change. How do we find hope and support others in this exceptional period of history?

Did you suffer emotional tinnitus this Easter?

COVID-19 Pandemic

Do you know what to do about it?

Crisis support service Lifeline had its busiest day ever on Good Friday this year, as the effects of the COVID-19 virus begin to take hold.

Despite only seventy or so deaths to date in Australia, the deeper mental health issues that are rising to the surface, and will probably be with us for several years at least, took a bite out of people at Easter.

When solitude starts to feel like… solitary confinement

COVID-19 Pandemic

On losing and finding your place of refuge

They say that solitude is heaven for introverts. It’s interesting that the people I’ve reached out to during the coronavirus social isolation who tend to be the happiest have all prefaced it with “Well, you know I’m an introvert…”

Apparently liking alone time has nothing to do with being introverted. It turns out that the desire for solitude comes from a different place altogether: the desire for independence. Even introverts draw energy from other people – just differently than extroverts[1].

COVID-19 has pressed the pause button on our “Have To” lives

COVID-19 Pandemic

We have the chance to reflect on what actually matters

Dogs are being walked. Exercise is being done. Take away coffee is being drunk. Families are out cycling. People are walking to the shops. Conversations are being had between strangers - at socially appropriate distances of course. Those who would barely glance at each other pre-COVID are suddenly full of bonhomie and smiles. It’s as if we all slowed down just enough to notice each other.

Confidence in the face of Coronavirus

Why the Psalms offers us reasons to be confident in the face of Corona.

We are currently facing a pandemic but we are not the first people in history to grapple with an outbreak of disease. The book of Psalms in the Bible includes the reflections of someone who also faced an outbreak of terrible sickness and the hope that he found at this time. David Robertson helps us explore this the Psalm and the reasons it offers us to be confident in the face of Corona

Humans are .. Banished?

What does it mean to be Human?

Join David Robertson at City Legal for his reflections on the teaching of Genesis that ‘Humans are…Banished’

Is there an end to infectious disease? (with Covid-19 intro)

A timely conversation to mark the three year anniversary of Bigger Questions

Infectious disease is the topic of conversation at the moment. We explore the challenges and risks of infectious disease, vaccines and a hope for the future. A timely conversation to mark the three year anniversary of Bigger Questions.

Whilst this show was recorded some time back and we do focus on Tuberculosis (and the Ebola Virus to some extent) the show does anticipates many of the principles and themes present in our current Coronavirus pandemic, making the show more relevant than ever.

U Can’t Touch This

COVID-19 Pandemic

Did MC Hammer predict this?

U can’t touch this!

Duh duh duh duh duh duh, duh duh duh duh duh

Duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh

U can’t touch this!

Duh duh….

Okay we get it! We can’t touch this! Or that. Or anything.

Rapper MC Hammer’s 1990 hit U Can’t Touch This was prophetic eh? Who would have thought some thirty years later that Hammer (real name, Stanley Kirk Burrell, and now an ordained Christian minister) would have seen all of this coming?

Fear of the Future

Taking fear of the future to The Edge

The Edge: Fear of the Future

It’s 2020, and with uncertain political structures, exponential technological innovation, the growth of extremism, and the cascading effects of climate change, many of us have a creeping sense that things might be escalating beyond our control.

Do these developments fuel greater anxiety and uncertainty in us than things did in previous generations? How can we face the future without a numbing sense of fear?

A Very Civil Virus

COVID-19 Pandemic

Civil war and the mini-apocalypse of coronavirus

Civil War

I grew up in Northern Ireland. At the time that country was going through a civil war. Or more to the point, a very civil war. What do I mean by “very” civil? Surely a civil war is a civil war because it kills civilians. Well let me explain myself.

In the entire thirty or so years of the last round of violence in Northern Ireland a mere three thousand people were killed, with several thousand more maimed or injured.

Ep 111: Dystopia - what are you afraid of?

Why is fear so powerful?

Why is fear so powerful? Shane Rogerson and Steph Gear explore explore the big questions dystopian novels (e.g. The Hunger Games, 1984, The Handmaid's Tale & Where's Wally) raise. An engaging conversation confronting our fears, but offering hope of overcoming them.

We’re asking this question today to two people.

Shane Rogerson is senior minister of St Matt’s Anglican church in Prahran. He's passionate about engaging with the bigger questions of life.