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It’s easy to panic at times like this. So much going on. So much uncertainty. The Panic Room is a place to park your panic. In the Panic Room we’ll discuss why we feel the way we do in troubled times, what responses people have, and how there might be a pathway through it to give us calm in a panicky world.

Join the 10min live discussion at 11am weekdays (Sydney time) with David Robertson and Stephen McAlpine. Or watch the edited recording published here later the same day. It will be rough and ready and is hastily thrown together! Bring your questions and we'll address them in the next episodes.

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The Panic Room - Episode 26

The Naivety of Ricky Gervais

Staunch atheist and comedian Ricky Gervais presents juvenile arguments against the existence of God. As someone who holds himself up as an intellectual, he fails to recognise or understand the centuries of philosophical and theological thought of those who've gone before him. See how you think his arguments stand up in this - one of our best conversations - the penultimate Panic Room episode!

The Panic Room - Episode 25

What is Russell Brand Missing?

Join us as we discuss the fascinating conversations about God between Russell Brand and Ricky Gervais. Russell asks such fantastic questions, but for all the questions, he is just missing the answers. What answers would Jesus offer him?

Did you suffer emotional tinnitus this Easter?

Panic room - COVID-19

Do you know what to do about it?

Crisis support service Lifeline had its busiest day ever on Good Friday this year, as the effects of the COVID-19 virus begin to take hold.

Despite only seventy or so deaths to date in Australia, the deeper mental health issues that are rising to the surface, and will probably be with us for several years at least, took a bite out of people at Easter.

COVID-19 has pressed the pause button on our “Have To” lives

Panic room - COVID-19

We have the chance to reflect on what actually matters

Dogs are being walked. Exercise is being done. Take away coffee is being drunk. Families are out cycling. People are walking to the shops. Conversations are being had between strangers - at socially appropriate distances of course. Those who would barely glance at each other pre-COVID are suddenly full of bonhomie and smiles. It’s as if we all slowed down just enough to notice each other.

The Panic Room - Episode 17

Singing in a Strange Land

Singer Colin Buchanan joins The Panic Room today! How does he sing at a time like this? Should we all learn to sing in this period of lockdown? What is that special something we find in collective singing? How does he cope with the responsibility of teaching children? Join us today as we dive deep into the heart and mind of one of Australia's most well-known and well-loved Christian entertainers.

For Colin Buchanan's Facebook Live show see here

The Panic Room - Episode 16

The Light Within

In her latest book 'Phosphorescence', Julia Baird encourages readers to "find the light within". But what if the light within is darkness? Is there not hope beyond ourselves? In this time of crisis, can we really look inside ourselves for all the answers, all the hope?

The Panic Room - Episode 15

Starting Over

Are you using this period of isolation to reinvent yourself? Yearning for a fresh start? Today we look at the Netflix series 'Unorthodox' and the story of Nicodemus in John 3 of the Bible to understand how our lives can be truly transformed.

Listen to 'Hurt' by Johnny Cash

Just Imagine

Panic room - COVID-19

One man saving us all from COVID-19?

Just imagine if one man said he was both able and willing to suffer and die from COVID-19 in place of all the sufferers in the world, releasing the planet from the fear of this terrible scourge?

How liberating would that be? Wouldn't we just burst out of our doors laughing and crying with joy? Wouldn’t we dance together in the streets? Wouldn’t we urge ourselves never to be the same as before? Wouldn’t we feel liberty and love?

The Panic Room - Episode 13

Black Friday? or Good Friday?

How can the horrific death of Jesus on a cross be something to celebrate? How do you make sense of the Christian conviction that 'the wrath of God was satisfied' through the crucifixion of His only son? Is God involved in some kind of sick 'cosmic child abuse'? Why is God so angry?

David Robertson and Stephen McAlpine discuss what the death of Jesus means and why it is so significant.

The song referenced in this episode can be found here

The Panic Room - Episode 12

Portal to a better world?

Author Arundhati Roy described the coronavirus pandemic as a 'portal to a better world'. Will it be? Will we come out the other side nicer or nastier than we are now? Or will we revert to our old ways?