Upcoming events

Do you have ears to hear?

Next on Thu 24 Aug, 7.30am-8.15am
Or are you ignoring the most influential man in history?

Bible Shots Season 2017.3

Next on Thu 24 Aug, 12.20pm-12.50pm Other times
A look at the source documents about Jesus

A discussion on evil and suffering

Thu 24 Aug, 12pm-12.55pm
Join us over lunch to discuss the problem of pain and suffering

Recent news

Our citizenship is in heaven

Women, Coffee & Croissants
Gemma Cardew
23 Aug 2017
Gemma speaks on the difference it makes knowing our citizenship is in heaven and highlights the danger of putting our confidence anywhere but Jesus

Chasing life: Chasing eternity

City Forums
Scott Pasley
8 Aug 2017
Success in life is largely about timing. But knowing the exact right time to do anything takes great insight and wisdom.

Chasing life: Working hard

City Forums
Glenn Hohnberg
1 Aug 2017
What is the point of work? Does it define us? Is work good or is it just toil?

Chasing life: Pursuing pleasure

City Forums
Glenn Hohnberg
25 Jul 2017
Conventional wisdom says life is about minimising pain and maximising pleasure - but what if pleasure lets us down?

Chasing life: Searching for meaning

City Forums
Scott Pasley
18 Jul 2017
Where do we find meaning in life? Will I have significance?