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Word 121
Wed 20 Feb, 12.30pm-1.20pm
Learn how you can start helping your colleagues meet Jesus in the pages of John's Gospel using 'The Word one-to-one'

Word 121
Wed 20 Feb, 7pm-9pm
with Richard Borgonon

Fri 8 Mar to Sat 9 Mar
The power of an attractive life in the workplace


It was safer to be his pig than his son

14 Dec 2018
How different is the Christmas we know to the gritty picture presented in the book of Matthew?

2019 Christian Book of the Year!

12 Dec 2018
Sam Chan has won the award for the apologetics/evangelism category

3 shocking facts about Christmas

Sam Chan
11 Dec 2018
The third one will shock you (yes - shameless clickbait!)

Is conversion a dirty word?

10 Dec 2018
Conversion has a bad name. It smacks of superiority; that my way is better than your way. And yet, we all do it – eagerly!

Why you’ll be thankful you read this blog post

16 Nov 2018
Did you know that there is a global 'Thank You Day'?