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Wed 29 Aug, 7.30pm-9pm
Did you know Jesus was accused of partying too hard?

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Thu 30 Aug, 7am-8am
Most people have a picture of Jesus as being very intolerant. But what if he is more tolerant than us?

Tue 23 Oct, 7pm-9.30pm
How the Church is better and worse than you ever imagined


City Women, save the date - 19th Sept

2 Aug 2018
What do you long for?

Wisdom at work

Peter Adam
17 Jul 2018
Brisbane celebration dinner 2018 talk

Bible Shots - I work in a terminal

David Pitt
5 Jun 2018
In the final talk in our "I work in a..." Bible shots series, Dave Pitt explores how work is a place where we meet people on a journey at work and

Semester 1 2018 EPT booklet

Scott Pasley
23 May 2018

Bible Shots - I work in a Cathedral

Bible Shots
David Pitt
22 May 2018
Dave Pitt speaks on how our workplace is a cathedral - a space where we can honour God in our work.