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City Legal
Thu 2 May, 7.20am-8.20am
Words from the Graveside

Thu 2 May, 6pm-9pm
Join us for a social event in Milton

Wed 22 May to Thu 23 May
Join us for our first City Forum series in 2019

Thu 23 May, 5.45pm-8pm
with Kara Martin and Stephen McAlpine

Bigger Questions
Mon 3 Jun, 7pm-8.15pm
Reflecting on 50 years since the moon landing


Izzy good? Izzy bad?

12 Apr 2019
Our secular culture is dead scared of actual difference, of deep diversity.

So it's nearly Easter

David Pitt
10 Apr 2019
Why should you bother with Jesus at this time?

Workism Part 3

4 Apr 2019
What would it look like in the world of workism to realise that our identity is not produced by us?

Workism Pt 2:

2 Apr 2019
Don’t soldier on with Codral

The New God of Our Age: Workism

28 Mar 2019
Can work carry the weight of transcendence?