Hobart Professionals' Breakfast Trial 2018 | City Bible Forum

Hobart Professionals' Breakfast Trial 2018

9 Nov 2018, 7.15am-8.15am

Come join us for breakfast before work as we trial a new ministry we'd love to make a regular fixture in 2019. This event will share the vision, purpose and potential of running breakfast events that connect with people and their stories in life.

These events will present the opportunity to hear from a range of speakers as they share the way their faith connects with some of life's biggest questions and challenges, whether that be work, relationships, ethical dilemmas, health issues, metaphysical questions etc. Think of a TEDx style talk in an intimate setting with delicious food, that's what the Hobart Professional Breakfasts aim to look and feel like, with a particular focus on being visitor friendly.

Joining us for our trial event will be the City Bible Forum National Director, Peter Kaldor, as well as one of his associates Oliver Greeves who has decades of experience and passion for these types of ministry, having been involved in them in Sydney and New York. They will share some of their stories and experiences over the years, and particularly the evangelistic impact and potential these breakfasts can have.

Date: Friday November 9th

Location: RACV Hotel Building - 154-156 Collins St, Hobart

Time: 7:15am-8:15am

Cost: $20 (Breakfast provided)