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Isn't the Bible full of contradictions?

Bigger Questions
Wed 28 Feb, 12.35pm-1.15pm
The Gospels are not all the same. Is this proof of coercion? A grand conspiracy?

What does Minecraft teach us about God?

Bigger Questions
Wed 14 Mar, 12.35pm-1.15pm
You know someone who plays it. Is there more to Minecraft than fun and games?

Why are Christians obsessed with Jesus?

Bigger Questions
Wed 28 Mar, 12.35pm-1.15pm
Why Jesus? Hear Steve Brady's story.

Christians in the workplace

Welcome to Life@Work 2018

Thu 22 Feb, 6pm-8pm
Dinner and networking especially for recent graduates and new workers to the CBD.

Your work in God's story: Creation

Wed 28 Feb to Thu 1 Mar
The PURPOSE of our work


How does an encounter with Jesus answer life's big questions?

Bigger Questions
Kate Bracks
18 Feb 2018
What is it like being on Masterchef? Learn about Masterchef winner Kate Bracks' Masterchef journey and her Christian faith

Ep 95: Is there a hope beyond cure?

Bigger Questions
David McDonald
11 Feb 2018
Two words crushed him: 'tumour' and 'incurable'. Dave was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2011. Hear his story as we ask him some bigger questions.

Facebook Live: Meeting Alex McCullie

Bigger Questions
8 Feb 2018
See what happened when host Robert Martin chatted with our guest in anticipation of next weeks show.

Isn't the Bible corrupt and untrustworthy?

Bigger Questions
5 Feb 2018
Isn't the Bible just a bunch of ‘Chinese whispers’?

What happened when the model met the designer?

Bigger Questions
Tracy Trinita
4 Feb 2018
Indonesia's first supermodel shares her journey