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Ep 121: How do I handle the pressure to have it all? | Andrew Laird

Bigger Questions
Andrew Laird
17 Feb 2019
Andrew Laird wrote a book about how to handle pressure, but in the process put himself under enormous pressure and subsequently crashed. A raw and honest conversation where Andrew confronts the pressures of life and shares with fresh insight how to handle them.

Ep 120: How much has the Bible shaped Australia? | Meredith Lake

Bigger Questions
Meredith Lake
10 Feb 2019
What place does the Bible have in modern day Australia?

Ep 119: Is Jesus for Asia? | KK Yeo

Bigger Questions
KK Yeo
3 Feb 2019
Differences between East and West, cultural diversity and some bigger questions.

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Bigger Questions
KK Yeo
30 Jan 2019
What would happen if Chairman Mao met the Apostle Paul?