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How do I handle the pressure to have it all?

Bigger Questions
Wed 1 Aug, 12.35pm-1.15pm
So much is demanded of me both at work and at home. I'm expected to perform and provide. How do I handle this pressure?

How do I handle the pressure of difficult colleagues?

Bigger Questions
Wed 15 Aug, 12.35pm-1.15pm
The bullying colleague. The demanding boss. The infuriating client. Is there any hope for toxic relationships at work?

For the Love of God

Bigger Questions
Tue 25 Sep, 7pm-9.15pm
Discover how the church is better and worse than you ever imagined

Christians in the workplace

Your work in God's story: Redemption

Wed 25 Jul to Thu 26 Jul
Eat. Commute. Work. Commute. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

Behind Bigger Questions: Disappointment in Evangelism

Bigger Questions
Tue 28 Aug, 6pm-8pm
Evangelism is certainly not all sunshine and smiles. It's also rejection, discouragement, even tears.


How can Jesus change the brokenness of our lives? | Tim Curtis

Bigger Questions
Tim Curtis
1 Jul 2018
What do we do when life is a mess? Tim shares his story of brokenness and the difference Jesus made. A remarkable and powerful story of transformation.

Do religion and football mix? | John Boyers

Bigger Questions
John Boyers
24 Jun 2018
Football is like a religion to many, so is there a space for faith? How do chaplains help sports clubs? A conversation about something bigger than the World Cup that is sure to kick some goals.

How can we nurture rich spirituality? | Mike Raiter

Bigger Questions
Mike Raiter
17 Jun 2018
Why is it soul music and not larynx music? We have a spiritual side - but how do we nurture true spirituality?

Ep 104: Does the Bible really provide a better way to live? | Graham Hooper

Bigger Questions
Graham Hooper
10 Jun 2018
Graham Hooper shares from many years of experience about what makes a truly wise life. A conversation with humour, wisdom and practical advice assessing if the Bible's framework for life really works.

Ep 103: Is Christianity a force for good in the world? | Barney Zwartz

Bigger Questions
Barney Zwartz
3 Jun 2018
Has Christianity been a positive or negative force in Australia? In this conversation we confront the very worst of Christianity, but make some surprising discoveries. An eye-opening conversation confronting one of the big questions for modern Australia.