Prayer teams in Melbourne

“Apart from prayer, all our scurrying about, all our talking, all our study amounts to nothing. For most of us the voice of self-reliance is ten times louder than the bell that tolls for the hours of prayer. The voice cries out: ‘You must open the mail, you must make that call, you must prepare for the board meeting…’.
But the bell tolls softly: ‘Without Me you can do nothing’”
(John Piper)

When was the last time you prayed about your work? How often do your colleagues and your workplace feature in your prayers?

Your work and your colleagues matter to God. Make time to pray for them. Let us connect you with others in your part of the city (and maybe even in your own office) who want to pray about their work and for their colleagues. Meet fortnightly or monthly over breakfast or lunch. Contact us today about joining an Evangelistic Prayer Team.

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