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Debate: Is God really there?

Is God really there? An atheist and Christian debate this age-old question

Debate: Is God really there?

Fri Nov 13th, 2015
Is God really there? An atheist and Christian debate this age-old question
Jesus' life, Atheism
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Bible reference(s): Mark 2:1-12

Part 1 of a debate between Robert Martin (Melbourne director of City Bible Forum) and atheist Raphael Lataster (Studies of Religion lecturer at Sydney University). This section has both opening statements and both opening responses. The Q&A and closing statements were recorded separately.

The moderator was Steve Marton (President of Sydney Atheists).

The debate was held on 13th November 2015 at Club Redfern and hosted by Sydney Atheists (


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    Wed Feb 15th, 2017 reply

    European Christianity's aim is and was conceived for the purpose of deposing anyone of Africoid descent on this earth, from the seat of humanity. An example is Noah's Ark, European(Which obviously includes european America) Christians and Jews hold to it. This story claims there was a flood that wiped out all the earth 4000+ years ago, yet all archeological evidence releals Ancient Egypt, ruled by black Africans, flourishing in one of its three golden ages, with no evidence of a flood. Smart Africans believe God would never have a chosen group out of His own creation, never need a dogmatization of Himself, never need prophets to help Him speak to His own creation. The three major religions are just social orders created out of jealousy and a feeling of rejection by humans with the albinism gene, or white gene, aginst black Africans. The albinism or white gene is found in all groups that enslaved, colonised and brutalised black Africans since the 7th century BCE. No surprise that the world's three major religions are founded by these three groups, Arabs, Europeans and Jews, the three major Albino versions of humanity that went into Ancient African Egypt with no good in mind for the Africans. They all collaborated, with the planning by the Jews, to plageorise, rob, kill, rape and enslave the Africans for thousands of years since 1770BCE. The 'whitening of God is clearly visible till today, its no wonder the smarter minded Albinos like the Chinese and Japanese rejected Christianity.

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