Ep 56: Fact or fiction? The greatest Christmas Kung-Fu story ever told

Is the Christmas story fact or fiction? Hear about a Kung Fu version of the Christmas story
Mikey Bayliss
Bible reference(s): 
Matthew 2:1-17
Sun Dec 11th, 2016
Jesus' life
Film and TV

Christmas: Fact or Fiction? dispelling the myths.

Author Mikey Bayliss shares with host Robert Martin, about his love of Christmas, Kung Fu and Jesus. Mikey has written two books, ‘There’s a Hipster on my roof drinking coffee’ and ‘Journey from the East’. Could Journey from the East be the best Kung Fu Christmas story ever told?

Mikey also shares about the historical basis for Christmas and what led him to accept Christmas as being based in fact and not fiction.

This conversation was recorded under the show's previous title 'Logos Live', and before a live audience when we celebrated Christmas in July 2016.