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In the beginning

A symposium of science and the scriptures. Three views of origins, hear the evidence, you decide

A symposium of science and the scriptures. Three views of origins, hear the evidence, you decide
Finished on 31 Aug 2013, 12.30pm-4.30pm

A symposium of science and the scriptures

Three views of origins, hear the evidence, you decide

Atheist naturalism, Young-earth creationism, Old-earth creationism

Let the truth speak!

What happened in the beginning? Was there a creator? How old is our earth? How do we understand Genesis?

Over 2 days this symposium brings together experts in three different views of origins: atheist naturalism, young-earth creationism and old-earth creationism.

Explore the science, consider the Bible, hear the evidence and let the truth speak for itself.

What really happened in the beginning?
Free lunchtime panel discussion (non-ticketed)

Charley Lineweaver, David Catchpoole, Lewis Jones

12:30-1:30pm, Friday 30th August
Telstra Conference Centre
(242 Exhibition St)

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In the beginning symposium
(tickets required)

6 - 9pm, Friday 30th August | 9am - 4pm Saturday 31st August

Melbourne City Conference Centre (333 Swanston St)

Check out the Facebook event.

Symposium program

Friday evening

6:00 pm – Registration & refreshments (included in price)
6:45 pm – Welcome
7.00 pm – Colin Groves: The origin of species (a naturalist scientists view)
7.45 pm – David Catchpoole: The origin of species (a young earth scientists view)
8.30 pm – Interactive Q&A: Colin Groves, David Catchpoole and Lewis Jones
9.15 pm – Close


8:50 am – Welcome
9:00 am – Chris Mulherin: What Conflict?
9.45 am – Andrew Brown: In the beginning… the history of interpretation of Genesis 1
10.30 am – Interactive Q&A: Chris Mulherin and Andrew Brown
11:00 am – Morning tea (included in price)
11:20 am – Charley Lineweaver – In the beginning… (an atheist scientists view)
12:10 pm – David Catchpoole – In the beginning... (a young earth Christian scientists view)
1:00 pm – Lunch (included in price)
2:00 pm – Lewis Jones – In the beginning… (an old earth Christian scientists view)
2:50 pm – Interactive Q&A: Charley Lineweaver, Lewis Jones, David Catchpoole
4:00 pm – Afternoon Tea (included in price)
5.30 pm – Close

PURCHASE TICKETS HERE (tickets will be avaiable at the door, but pre-purchase is preferred)

Whole symposium ticket: $55

Subsequent whole symposium tickets $ 50.00

Student tickets: $45

Friday evening only: $30

Saturday only: $40

Tickets include canapes for dinner on Friday night and lunch and other refreshments on Saturday


Professor Colin Groves - School of Archaeology & Anthropology, Australian National University, Canberra.

Dr. Charley Lineweaver - Associate Professor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at ANU.

Dr. David Catchpoole - works with Creation Ministries International and holds a PhD in plant physiology.

Dr. Andrew Brown - works for Melbourne School of Theology and completed his PhD in the history of interpretation of Genesis 1.

Dr. Lewis Jones - possesses a PhD in Astrophysics (North Carolina) and an honours degree in Theology. Lewis works for The Simeon Network a ministry to academics.

Chris Mulherin - is completing a PhD in the interaction of science and religious belief.

This symposium is being jointly hosted by City Bible Forum and CrossCulture Church of Christ.