Myth or truth?

Six experts put six big claims about the Christian message to the test
Finished on 12 Sep, 2014, 12.30pm-1.15pm

Be part of the audience of Logos Live, a radio show recorded in the CBD, where you can ask your questions and work out truth from myth.

All Sessions: 12:30-1:15pm, Donkey Wheel House (673 Bourke St)


Friday 8th August - Science

Has science buried God? with Prof John Lennox (Professor of Mathematics, Oxford University)

Friday 15th August - Scripture

Are the Gospels historical? with Dr. Michael Bird (Ridley lecturer and author of 'The Gospel of the Lord')

Friday 22nd Aug - Suffering

Can God really be there amidst the pain? with John Hudson (pastor Melbourne Evangelical church and expert in the Problem of Evil)

Tuesday 26th August - Sex

Is the Bible's view on sex regressive? with Dr. Patricia Weerakoon (popular speaker, renowned sexologist and author of 'The best sex for life')

Friday 5th September - Saviour

Is Jesus relevant today? Luke Nelson (pastor of City on a Hill West and preacher of Jesus)

Friday 12th September - Slaughter

Is the Old Testament God is too violent to be followed? Dr. Paul Barker (international speaker and Old Testament scholar)

Where is Donkey Wheel House?

Donkey Wheel house is easily accessible to both Docklands and the Western part of the CBD. It is located right in front of a tram stop next to Southern Cross station.