A mountain to climb

Join us as we climb a mountain

City Bible Forum and Logos Live are donor supported activities.

We need to climb a financial mountain before the end of the year to continue this work. We need to raise $75,000 to continue asking the bigger questions with Melbourne's city workers.

To raise funds and support Melbourne director, Rob Martin, climbed Mount Dandenong with a small group of enthusiastic supporters on Saturday 10th December. At the summit of Mt Dandenong they recorded a special episode of Logos Live with Dr. Simon Angus, senior lecturer in Economics at Monash University. The episode of Logos Live will be broadcast next year some time.

Here are some pictures from the day (NB - the mountain to the right is not Mt Dandenong).

Will you join us as we climb this mountain together?

You can contribute to the mountain HERE.

Current Progress

Popular Mountain songs

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Climb every mountain

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The Climb

Mountain Dances

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