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Alpha in the city

Alpha in the City

Next on Tue 28 Nov, 5.45pm-8pm
Alpha is a series that helps explore the 'Why', why do people believe in the Christian faith and is this faith relevant to me?


If God was so loving ...Why?

Special events
Don Carson
17 Aug 2017
Why would a good God allow so much suffering?

Can we cultivate resilience?

Leni-jo McMillian
Mar 23rd, 2017
Breakfast club talk

Can we find meaning in our work?

David Graieg
Mar 16th, 2017
Breakfast club talk

Can we cultivate work life balance?

Rory Shiner
Mar 9th, 2017
Breakfast club talk

What makes a leader great?

Paul Whitfield
Mar 2nd, 2017
Is it ability, authority, example, or persuasion?