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Transitions Group WA

Wisdom and support while looking for a new role

The Transition Group is open to workers of all ages across Western Australia. The group is designed for office workers and professionals who have been affected through job loss or who are concerned it may affect them. We believe many of the issues we face are similar regardless of our industry backgrounds. It is now more important than ever that we come together to encourage and support one another. If you feel that you or a friend would benefit, then please invite and come along.

The Transition Group has been an excellent support for those who are between roles. We can enjoy input from Sam Chan. Al Stewart and locals on topics such as betrayal, trust, patience, anger, relevance and rest. This phase can be a roller coaster of emotions and also pose relational strains. Hearing from fellow group members who are experiencing similar issues is a solace and encouragement to persevere.

Our group currently meets on Zoom. We meet once a fortnight for 90 minutes. After initial introductions, we hear from a guest speaker on a topic of relevance. The floor is then open for comments and questions posed to the group. We seek to keep discussion groups to no more than eight people so we utilise break out groups to enable more interaction.
Group members are able to share within the confidence of the group and find support from the common experiences and understanding of fellow members.

It is a difficult time to be looking for work. We hope this peer support group can offer some advice and support in that journey.

Note: this group will not replicate recruitment agencies that give advice on interviews or cv’s, but rather aims to supplement these services.

Please contact Marsha Dale for further information.