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One Step behind Mandela

Hear from Nelson Mandela's former bodyguard Rory Steyn
25 Feb 2019, 5.45pm-8pm
Rory Steyn: One Step behind Mandela

After rising through the ranks of the South African police force, Rory ended up chief of Security and personal bodyguard of Nelson Mandela. Rory watched Mandela, up close and personal, as he led the racially divided nation from the brink of bloodshed to unexpected levels of peace and stability.

What Rory learnt from the man, once seen as a terrorist by South African authorities, changed his life forever.

Hear Rory Steyn as interviewed by David Mansfield share stories of reconciliation from South Africa’s recent history, and Rory’s own story of being reconciled to God.


25th February 2019

5:45pm Light Refreshments

6:30pm Keynote Address


The Platform

Level 3, 256 Adelaide Terrace

Perth CBD


$30 includes drinks and light refreshments