Upcoming events

The Case for Christ - Special Screening

Reel Dialogue
Tue Jun 27th, 6pm-8pm
This film is no longer in theatres and is not available to stream.

The story of Jesus

Bible Shots
Next on Wed Jun 28th, 7.40am-8.10am Other times
A look at the source documents about Jesus

Exploring Christianity

Ski 17

Fri Sep 1st to Sun Sep 3rd
Our Young Workers Ski Trip for 2017

Christians in the workplace

Core Training - Flourishing in Work and Ministry

Core training
Mon Jun 26th, 6pm-7.45pm
How can we flourish in work and ministry when at times it feels like “ploughing concrete”?

Sharing Jesus with the Curious (Repeat Session)

Core training
Mon Jul 31st, 6pm-7.45pm
How do we share Jesus with those who are curious but find Christian beliefs or lifestyle unattractive?

Recent news

Unspoken - Making more (of) money

Jun 23rd, 2017
Missed out on Headstart? Check out our match summary here.

Treasure - can you see the most precious thing?

City Legal
Al Stewart
Jun 15th, 2017
If you found something truly valuable, what would you do to get it?

Unspoken - the "Sunday Arvo Dread" Syndrome

Jun 13th, 2017
Just before Monday, you have Sunday arvo dread. How do you supercharge every Monday morning? Find out here in our Headstart summary

Riddles - Jesus' mysterious stories

City Legal
Al Stewart
Jun 8th, 2017
Why did Jesus tell parables? Do they help or hinder?

Riddles - Jesus' mysterious stories

Bible Shots
Al Stewart
Jun 7th, 2017
Why does Jesus tell parables?