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Untameable Jesus

City Legal
Starts on Thu 22 Mar, 7.30am-8.20am
A manifesto of non-conformity

Bible Shots Season 2018 (1st quarter)

Bible Shots
Next on Thu 22 Mar, 12.20pm-12.50pm Other times
Why follow Jesus when the world has moved on?

Leadership that sticks

The Edge
Thu 22 Mar, 6.30pm-8pm
How to lead from the front (and back)

Why we need Easter to be true

In house
Fri 23 Mar, 12.30pm-1.30pm
Easter gives us what we really need

Reel Dialogue - Paul, Apostle of Christ

Reel Dialogue
Mon 26 Mar, 6.30pm-9pm
Pre-screening + panel discussion


Os Guinness speaking at Smith Lecture

Smith Lecture
The 2018 lecture will be on Thursday 31 May

Reel Dialogue website

Reel Dialogue
17 Mar 2018
News articles, reviews and commentary


Bible Shots
Al Stewart
16 Mar 2018
Why follow Jesus when the world has moved on?

The FRIYAY Finish

16 Mar 2018
How do YOU run the working week? #thirdspace

The Edge website

The Edge
10 Mar 2018
Take your life to The Edge -