Core training

4 topics that workers consider essential

We asked city workers what they considered were the essential skills and competencies they needed to thrive as Christians in their workplace.

As we spoke with them, we found there were 4 "core" topics people identified.

  • Effective teamwork
  • Sharing Jesus
  • Taking good conversations to the next step
  • Flourishing in work and ministry

In response to this, we have developed Core training: essentials for workplace ministry as a program to address this need.

Essentials for effective teamwork

There can be great advantages in doing ministry together. Yet our experience of ministry teams can be quite varied. What makes for effective leadership? What makes for an effective team?

The value of this training is the experience of the presenters. They advise businesses on leadership and team development, and are experts in the area. They are also committed Christians who understand ministry.

Essentials for sharing Jesus with the curious

"10 years ago the question we were often asked is "is it true?". Now what we mostly get is: "I don't like it!"

How do we share Jesus with those who don't find the Christian message attractive at all?

The value of this training is the workshop options. One will explore what to say in conversations with friends - the other where an audience is present, such as a birthday speech at a family BBQ.

Essentials for taking good conversations one-step further

How do we take a conversation which touches on "faith" issues and progress to actually looking at the Bible with someone?

The value of this training will be through being introduced to some really useful tools such as Word 121 (reading John’s gospel) and Life Matters.

Essentials for flourishing in work and ministry

Work is ministry and ministry is work. And for both, perseverance is required. How can we stay resilient and flourish in work and ministry when at times it feels “ploughing concrete” (to quote Al Stewart)?

The value of this training is that it will encourage us to think about work and ministry in the right way. This will help us be resilient even if things get tough.