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Finding validation

The secret to wellbeing and how to maintain it
Finished on 16 Aug 2018, 7.30am-8.20am

Over 2 weeks, Max Jeganathan will speak on the secret to wellbeing and how to maintain it.

Markets, Materialism and the search for meaning

For many, success in life is the acquisition of greater wealth, pleasure and power. As Oscar Wilde famously said, "The god of this generation is wealth. To succeed, one must have wealth!" Yet, in spite of this seemingly universal quest for validation through wealth – and it’s apparent success as we grow wealthier than ever before - the markers of human flourishing seem to continue to go backwards. Why? Instead of living up to its promise as a source of fulfilment, identity and well-being, the never-ending drive to accumulate more has been revealed to be a hedonic treadmill on which people are expected to run faster and faster without getting anywhere. Is there a better way?

What does real success look like?

So much of what we strive for, think about, aspire to and gauge our success by, is governed by the validation we receive. Whether it’s from our families, our friends, our colleagues or our social, cultural and political tribes, we constantly measure our success by what others define as successful. Why do we do this? How do we do this? What does this tell us about ourselves? And in a world seeking to navigate through a fresh wave of uncertainty catalysed by post-truth thinking, fake-news discourse and the ever-expanding influence of social media, how do we understand and pursue real success?

Max Jeganathan

Max has an international understanding of the world’s quest for validation. His family came to Australia from Sri Lanka as refugees, and he went on to study law at the Australian National University, and then the University of Oxford. Max became a political and policy analyst, advising the Leader of the Australian Opposition. He is now based in Singapore as a senior speaker for the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries where he develops positions on the relationships between faith, politics, public policy, economics and moral reasoning.

9 Aug

Markets, Materialism and the search for meaning

16 Aug

What does real success look like?