Weighing the claims about Jesus

An opportunity to make an informed decision, looking at the earliest Christian documents
Finished on 16 Mar, 2017, 7.30am-8.15am

Have you ever thought 'If only I could ever know whether there is any substance to the Jesus story'? You are not alone!

A serious study of the person of Jesus is something every adult should at some stage attempt. Why not now?

This term at City Legal we are investigating the historicity and implications of the biblical claims about Jesus of Nazareth.

In this series of talks, Al Stewart is looking at the beginning of Matthew’s gospel, and taking a serious and historical look at Christmas and the implications of the claims being made about the birth of Jesus.

9 Feb

Jesus’ dysfunctional family

Understanding Jesus’ long and colourful family tree, and the huge implications of the claim that Jesus is ‘God with us’

16 Feb

The dark side of Christmas

How does the birth of Jesus fit into what we know of the political climate and rulers of the first century? Did Christmas really happen?

23 Feb

If God turned up, what would you expect?

John the Baptist explained his role was to prepare people for the "messiah". Yet even he was surprised by Jesus!

2 Mar

Even Jesus was tempted

What are the Christian’s claim about the humanity of Jesus and the implications for his understanding of our personal struggles and what it would mean to live as a Christian?

9 Mar

How to live the good life

The beginning of perhaps the most controversial or influential speech ever given - ‘The Sermon on the Mount’

16 Mar

It's the heart that matters

You may not have noticed before but in Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, it seems almost impossible to live in a way that pleases God. How can we please God?