Bible Shots 4th quarter 2018 (Oct-Dec) | City Bible Forum

Bible Shots 4th quarter 2018 (Oct-Dec)

Daniel: Real Faith | Real World | Real Difference

Daniel: Real Faith | Real World | Real Difference

The organisers of Bible Shots think that the Bible has something important to say to us, so we set aside time during the week to think seriously about what is written there and what it might mean for us today.

You don’t need to hold to any particular belief system to attend or have any prior experience with the Bible, all you need is a willingness to consider what the Bible says.

This quarter our series will look at...

Daniel: Real Faith | Real World | Real Difference
The world of money, success and ambition seems so real and powerful. Faith in God can seem like naïve wishful thinking.

However the book of Daniel shows how real trust in God can change the way we see our world and how to face difficulties & opposition as well as make the most of opportunities.

Real faith makes a difference - especially in the real world.

Talk dates and titles for 4th quarter of 2018




October 18/19

Faith and the seduction of success

Daniel 1

October 25/26

Faith on the wrong side of history

Daniel 2

November 1/2

Faith when the heat is on

Daniel 3

November 8/9

Faith and the hard lesson of humility

Daniel 4

November 15/16

Faith when the mockers are laughing

Daniel 5

November 22/23

Faith sees the world clearly

Daniel 7

November 29/30

Plan your Christmas Stopping

Luke 2:1-21

December 6/7

Christmas: What if it really happened?