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EXTRA ordinary

Sam Chan continues to look at how Extra Ordinary life can be

Do you remember what it was like to have the wonder of a child? Everything seemed new and magical.

But as adults we often lose this sense of awe. In a world that over-promises and under-delivers, can we still find something extraordinary?

Earlier in the year, Sam Chan asked us to consider the question of Meaning as we looked at the Bible book of Ecclesiastes.

In August and September we will return to look at what this book says about the EXTRA ordinary.

A bit about Sam Chan:

Sam Chan (PhD, TEDS) is a Global citizen - born in Hong Kong, raised in Australia, medical doctor in Sydney, Theology PhD from the USA. He connects with young, postmodern, post-reached, post-Christian audiences.

His book "Preaching as the Word of God" applies speech-act theory to preaching. Sam is currently a public speaker for City Bible Forum. He speaks to high-schoolers and professionals, to seminary students and academics. His topics are evangelism, ethics, preaching, story-telling, and apologetics.

His blog EspressoTheology.com gives a short burst of theology: "from your world to Jesus in 60 seconds."

EXTRA ordinary ...

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