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Heading off to Headstart

What happens at Headstart? Find out first hand

This article was written by Lindy Tan. By day, Lindy moonlights as a tax professional while at night, she lives a far more interesting life than that title assumes. On the weekend, you'll find her in a undiscovered cafe down a side lane with some close friends or at home indulging one of her hobbies, reading. She also savours this thought - Jesus seemed to have a lot of time and a lot of love for tax professionals.

There's a bit of an uncertain vibe around the CBF office. It's a mix of young workers, from those who have only recently started work, to those in perhaps their fourth or fifth year of work. They've all come together on this night for 'Headstart', but no one is really sure what to expect. As plates of macarons and sushi are passed around, and an acoustic guitar is played in the background, you can feel people start to relax, catching up with people they haven't seen for years, or getting to know some new faces.

We soon learn that 'Headstart' is all about helping Christian young workers meet and connect with each other, and learning together what it means to live and work as a Christian in the city of Sydney. It's a place to relax and unwind after a difficult Monday, to check in for a bit of learning or an encouragement boost, or to seek and build a community of fellow Christians who are at the start of their working life.

We start off the six week term thinking about convictions, the topic for this term of Headstart. What is a conviction? What does it mean? Here is when our heads start to turn, as we see how convictions are the first step to a transformed character, which in turn prompts some kind of action. We look at the Bible to see how convictions can affect the way that people see the same situation. And so we are challenged to get that first step right, considering how our convictions are formed in the first place.

Despite the somewhat overwhelming introduction to the term (or perhaps this young worker is just rather tired), the night is still young, and, in an interview with the Founder of CBF, we hear about how his convictions led him to begin what is now a nationwide organisation and how his convictions kept him working in the same organisation for 24 years.

With a punctual 7:30 pm finish comes continued conversation and farewelling over leftover food. And so ends the first week of Headstart.

The coming weeks will look at topics such as integrity, fatigue and prayer, while the next two terms promise the consideration of the character and competencies of a Christian young worker, as well as a few guests as part of the line up - Phillip Jensen, Paul Grimmond and Joshua Ng.

With much to look forward to, and an eagerness to be equipped in navigating this concrete jungle, this young worker will likely be back next week.

Perhaps you might be too! :)