Headstart 2017

Are you a Christian young worker looking for community? A forum to prepare you for the workplace? Join us at Headstart this year

Are you a Christian young worker who is looking for community during Monday to Friday? Are you searching for a forum to prepare you for the workplace?

Many Christian young workers enter the workplace in search for two things:

1. Christian community. They remember fondly the ease with which they enjoyed Christian community on campus.

2. Training. The workplace can be a bit like a jungle. Is there tailored training to tackle what you face day to day?

HEADSTART is an opportunity for Christian young workers to stay connected with each other and a chance to get ready for the openings and obstacles to the gospel in the workplace.

What does this look like? Check out the video for yourself.

Tailored for workers, this has become a community of Christian young workers networked throughout the city and Sydney business districts across many professions.

How is it tailored?

  • Tailored Time: Realising that young workers are time-poor, each week we finish promptly by 7:30pm: You can be home for dinner - this is not "another night out". However, young workers continue to crave community. We're keen to create the space for that - 1/3 of the time each week is dedicated so you can relax after a day of work.
  • Tailored Topics: Last year, Headstart saw the likes of Al Stewart, Sam Chan, Phillip Jensen along with our regular speakers, Mark Leong and Tho Luu tackle topics like "Can I be epic?" What does the Bible say about Ambition, "I'm stuck, what do I do next?" How do Christians live with Office Politics and Confessions of a Boss: the regrets, mistakes and highs of being a Christian boss. Headstart gives young workers the safe space to ask frank questions and tackle topics which you will or have faced as young workers.

This year, join us as we expect more of the same.

Date: Monday nights

Time: 6:00-7:30pm

Venue: City Bible Forum Office, Lvl 3, 13-15 Bridge Street

Headstart 2017 Dates

Term 1 (6 x Mondays)

Mar 6 - Apr 10

Term 2 (7 x Mondays)

May 22 - Jul 10

Term 3 (5 x Mondays)

Sep 18 - Oct 30