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Headstart: why I'll restart with Headstart

What makes a time poor, busy young worker come (and miss) Headstart? Find out here

What makes a time poor, busy young worker come (and miss) Headstart? Find out here

As the year ends, here is a quick Q&A with one of our Headstarters, Shane as he answers what stuck in 2016 and why he will restart again with Headstart in 2017.

What's stuck with you from Headstart 2016?

What stuck and one of the biggest reasons on why I kept coming back to Headstart was definitely the teaching. It truly was such a great way to understand what the bible has to say on common questions I had in relation to the workplace - such as how to deal with busyness and office politics, and if it’s wrong to feel entitled or be ambitious in your career.

My personal favourite from this year was a talk on failure. We had a look at 2 Corinthians 12, and in this age of trying to better yourself and keeping up a good status, it was such a foreign yet refreshing concept to hear about boasting of your weaknesses. Even in the weeks where I felt less interested in the topics shared, I still would find It helpful knowing it’s realigning my heart and mind, and refocusing the way I would choose to work for the rest of the week. Personally, I found it very easy to be distracted and divorce my working life from my faith, but Headstart’s weekly practical teaching would always encourage me to be more mindful of God even in the day to day routine.

So Shane, not everyone will know this but we're a tight and honest group here. You missed all of Term 3 of Headstart. What happened?

I don’t exactly remember what happened in the first half to be honest, but I was definitely overseas for the second half. I think the reality of our lives is that there are busy periods that come where we feel stretched to do everything, and I personally believe it is okay, and often better to say no to things. Not to mention other times where we physically can’t make it or something we deem of greater importance clashes on the same night.

However, Hebrews 10 instructs us to not neglect meeting together and to consider how we may spur one another on. As long as we don’t completely remove ourselves from the body of Christ, we needn’t worry so much about our attendance, as you can clearly do both in other ways. Having said that, Headstart is still an easy and great avenue to do so, and each person’s presence certainly makes a difference.

[Interviewer's comment: I can't more wholeheartedly agree with Shane here. There is no guilt in saying no or pressure to say yes to Headstart. Young workers are busy and don't have control of your diaries. I totally get that.]

So 2017. You gonna be back?

Headstart is an invaluable community made up of like minded young workers all trying to navigate the workplace from a Christian perspective. As a wide-eyed, fresh young worker, with a multitude of options and the world at your feet, I believe it’s important, especially during this formative time, to think deeply about the person you want to grow into, and the path you’re heading on. To have something in the CBD so close to where I work, just when I finish work is such a blessing. The people are very welcoming and the food’s great, which also makes it extremely easy to invite other Christian workers along.

I also had the great joy of seeing a close friend of mine who doesn't know Jesus hear the gospel at a couple of the outreach events hosted by Headstart this year. My local church was a bit out of the way for him, and everyone loves a lazy Sunday, but on a Monday night after work in the city? Too easy. Headstart not only equipped me but helped me share Jesus more effectively with my friend. It really is such a great opportunity to take advantage of and invite friends along, especially when the Headstart team does all the hard work for you.

Finally, it is also very encouraging to see not only the Headstart team giving up their time and energy to reach young workers, but also the many Headstarters involved in this common cause. In this case, size does add value. As a Christian, I am more than happy to be back to support them in building the kingdom and reaching many others in 2017.

Here's to a wonderful year and to great conversations in the year to come. I’m very much looking forward to meeting all the new Headstarters that will be joining us next year, see you guys then!