Stop reacting to pop culture... start redeeming it.

An interview with Sam Chan

Next time a pop star releases a song with ‘scandalous’ lyrics, or Hollywood releases a ‘blasphemous’ movie, or the internet spawns yet another ‘time-wasting’ teen craze—stop and think before you react in righteous anger.

Because in that very piece of pop culture lies a thread of truth and goodness, according to Sam Chan, blogger at Espresso Theology.

Chan, who’s also a public speaker at City Bible Forum, chatted to Hope 103.2 about the need for Christians to do a little less railing against the culture of the world around them—and start listening instead.

He calls it “redeeming the culture”, and he’s made it one of his life missions: to look at cultures and their stories, find the elements of truth woven into them, and use them to point people to Jesus.

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