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Unspoken - How can we flourish at work?

Missed Headstart on Monday? Here is a summary written by a young worker

Bethany is a Headstarter and was nervous about being "volunteered" to write our Headstart match summary as English is her second language. Originally from China, she speaks fluent Mandarin, studies very hard and along with Mark is scared of Grace Huang's Wing Chun skills. Check out our interview with Bethany as she summarizes Headstart's trip to Core Training and Sam Chan speaking on the Unspoken: How can we flourish at work.

1. Why did you go to the Core Training?

It was simple. Been assigned to write this note by Mark.

But after the talk, frankly speaking, I want to hug Mark for the opportunity and for pushing me to come. Such a great talk!!!

(Mark did not pay Bethany any money or threaten her that Grace Huang would execute a Wing Chun move on her)

2. What did you like about it?

Firstly, in part A of the talk, Sam gave us an open question to share our problems we can't solve in the workplace.

I was quite surprised. I had some chat with few people in the small group we formed before the talk and found out that some of them are same as me, fresh graduates with less than 2 years working experiences and also people who work for more than 4 years. I also looked around during the talk - there are people from different backgrounds, different ages but they think similarly as me. They all were thinking or struggling the similar problems as I do.

I don't know how to describe the feeling (wow I'm normal!)? and got excited when Sam said his talk may cover them all. Wow! I think he did.

3. Bethany, you sound pumped. What did Sam talk about?

Sam mentions different solutions for our problems:

  1. Peak performance pyramid
  2. 10,000 - hour rule
  3. 4 Burner Rule
  4. Moral mandate ( Creation/ Missional)
  5. 3rd space
  6. Hospitality
  7. Wisdom to choose different roles in different work cultures

A few rules stuck out for me:.

  • One of the problems I have struggled with and made it hard for me to flourish from work is: the less experience I have compared with others ( Skills/ competency/ knowledge).
    From the 10,000-hour rule, Sam pointed out that we actually need 5 years working experiences to reach different career stages. It's ok to struggle when you start. It's normal
  • In 4 Burner Rule, he mentions, we can't be the super success in everything! Being successful means turning off a burner - whether it be family, friends, work and health.
  • In hospitality, he shared the coffee-dinner-gospel strategy to share the gospel with our colleagues. As the natural stance of colleagues is skeptical to religion and religion increasingly becomes a private matter, becoming friends first allows both trust and opportunities to arise.
  • And during the talk in the moral mandate, he points out: There is a bigger purpose from God even you can't see.

I reflected on myself about the problem I had. I kept asking myself, what are the bigger purpose that I didn't see?

While I need at least 5 years working experience to be smart as others, I will work hard but take it easy. I don't think the purpose of work is a competition or pursuing perfection here. Then what God wants me to learn? I can learn to be patient, to be humble while I'm learning and seeking help and advice from others! And shouting others coffee does not take 5-years of experience to be an expert, I can practice now.

4. ... and there was even more you learnt from Sam's session?

Another point that the talk enlightens me is: I hardly put my job this way before. God said there will be light, then here's the light and I was created in His image. The jobs I do, each worksheet I created, each financial report and tax return I prepared. Like God creates the earth, I created them! It altered my attitude, maybe next time I will be like God, create them attentively and appreciate that He gives me the authorities and abilities to create those like Him.

Sam also mentions from the Pyramid, we need to do sleep, diet, exercise, and order right in order to have a healthy communication, connection, emotion, and cognition. So anther thing I may change is: start from the basic- sleep early. (9 hours!!- really going to working on it!)

5. Why would you ask another friend to come to Core Training?

I listed that many points to show how much I enjoyed and learned from it. Those are the reasons.