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What really matters?

Let me tell you a story...

Finished on 21 Mar 2019, 7.20am-8.20am


‘Let me tell you a story…’. When someone begins to tell their story, we can’t help but listen. You could almost say we are ‘wired’ to love stories.

Jesus often taught using stories. And some of them were very surprising. In fact, they often made people ask: ‘He said what?’ Today, Jesus' stories still have the power to provoke, shock and even outrage. Join us at City Legal as we consider several of the stories Jesus told – and their implications for us today.

Our speaker for this series is Dr Peter Jensen. Peter has taught the bible all over the world to people from many different walks of life. He is a former Archbishop of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney and was the Principal of Moore Theological College, Sydney. He delights in teaching people the stories Jesus told.

Please contact Peter Wrench for further information.