Zero to Gospel | City Bible Forum
28 May 2019, 6pm-8pm


$ 15


$ 7

How are those workplace conversations going?

Perhaps you've been working in a team and you have the desire for your work colleagues to know Jesus, but there never seems to be an appropriate opening for you to talk about him. Maybe you work in a team that is hostile or sceptical of Christianity and you aren't sure how to have a helpful conversation about Jesus. Come along and see that it is possible to generate respectful conversations that get to the gospel! Our keynote speaker, Revin Blanchard, will be sharing concrete examples and there will be ample time for Q&A, facilitated by Rev Dr Andrew Cameron.

The evening will begin with a meal at 6pm and we promise it won't run overtime so you'll have enough time to get ready for work on Wednesday. Please take advantage of the early bird group discount by finding 2 others and register by 21 May!

Please contact Leon Hribar for further information.