Bible Shots 2nd Quarter 2019 | City Bible Forum

Bible Shots 2nd Quarter 2019

What you trust in matters.

Finished on 4 Jun 2019, 1.10pm-1.40pm
Where St Andrews Cathedral
Cnr of George and Bathurst Streets Sydney


Confidence, everyone agrees it is important but does what you put your confidence in matter? Can you gain and maintain confidence through difficulties setbacks, or will it be lost? In this series at Bible Shots we are considering how the message of the Bible gives a source of confidence that sustains, directs and nurtures hope even in the face of suffering. Join us as Kanishka Raffel unpacks Romans 8, part of the Bible that has been described as an 'ocean of assurance' in which to swim.

Please contact Lachlan Orr for further information.


May 14Confidence in the SonRomans 8:1-4
May 21Confidence in the SpiritRomans 8:5-17
May 28Confidence through sufferingRomans 8:17-27
June 4Confidence in God's purposeRomans 8:28-39