How can we learn to have better conversations about God? | City Bible Forum

How can we learn to have better conversations about God?

An evening that goes beyond shouting and simple arguments.

30 Jul 2019, 7pm-8.15pm


$ 25

If we avoid the demonization, disagreements can be positive.
- Jonathan Haidt

The question of the reality of God is a question which polarises and divides. Why is there such passionate disagreement? Does what we believe even matter? Would it be better people simply stopped bringing it up?

And yet, while there has been a rise in "no religion", those who subscribe to a belief in God still make up more than half of the Australian population. Now more than ever, we need better conversations.

Join us for an evening that goes beyond shouting and simple arguments, as two eminent philosophers from differing worldviews engage in thoughtful conversation, helping us to pause, listen better and engage one of life's biggest questions.

About our guests:

Prof. Graham Oppy is the Director of the Philosophy Graduate program at Monash University and Fellow of the Australian Academy of Humanities. He has studied, thought, taught, and written widely on: arguments about the existence of God, the concept of infinity, naturalism and religion, atheism and agnosticism,
and philosophy of religion.

Prof. Greg Restall lectures at the University of Melbourne. His research focuses on formal logic, philosophy of logic, metaphysics, and philosophy of language, and some philosophy of religion. He is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities, and a member of ISCAST - Christians in Science and Technology.


Photo by Trung Thanh on Unsplash

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