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Where Freedom Begins

What has freedom got to do with faith?

Finished on 1 Aug 2019, 7.20am-8.20am


What has freedom got to do with faith? Freedom after all is about politics and society not religion and the soul. Marx said that religion was the 'opiate of the people’, justifying their slavery as the will of God. But the book of Exodus is a revolutionary account of freedom, perhaps the oldest freedom story we have! And it is stubbornly political - an event that changed people from slaves to a nation. 

A free God wants the free worship of free human beings. Exodus shows that not just in the story of freedom from oppression but in freedom to worship and serve God in new ways. Central to that worship is the building of a society and the enactment of laws that promote justice and love. 

The New Testament will again and again reach back to the Exodus to show how God redeemed his chosen people - and the story of Christ is told as the fulfilment of that older story. 

Exodus is a book that has inspired each generation to learn how to cherish freedom and to live it out. 

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