Is greed necessary for business? | City Bible Forum

Is greed necessary for business?

A/Prof Anthony Asher draws a mind-map on the notion of greed and asks, 'Is greed necessary for business?'

13 Sep 2019, 12.40pm-1.20pm


The Hayne Royal Commission blamed greed for the misconduct in the financial sector. Some people, however, think that it is the main driver of the economy. Psychologists describe it as an addiction that can lead to crime and injustice. In all the main religions, it is major temptation leading to sin.  

Our behaviour depends on our personal motivation and the "institutional" environment, which in turn is partly the product of past personal actions. This presentation comprises a mind-map in two parts. The first part looks at internal motivations: personal drives and satisfactions, the role of hormones, virtue, temptations and challenges. The second part considers the role of sociological "institutions." These include our view of the purpose of life and how the world works, and the structures and regulations of society. 

What should we make of this notion of greed? Is greed necessary for business? Can we really free ourselves by transforming our deep-seated desires and the way we engage with these institutions?

Organised by a fellowship of actuaries and City Bible Forum

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WhenFri 13 Sep 12:40-1:20pm (Light lunch provided from 12:30pm)
WhereScots Church Sydney, 44 Margaret St
RSVPTue 10 Sep to help us organise catering