Songs of the Heart | City Bible Forum

Songs of the Heart

Six interviews, six guests, based on the book of Psalms

Finished on 29 Oct 2019, 12.30pm-1.15pm


"If you can take a piece of life and put it in a song, it's going to be a good song - especially if it's from the heart." Jon Pardi, American country singer 

Songs are memorable. Songs are powerful. Songs speak to the heart.

We explore some of life’s biggest questions through a series of profound songs which have endured for centuries. We reflect on the words of one of the world’s oldest song books - the book of Psalms.

This ancient song book still speaks surprising words of wisdom and life to us today.  

Join us as six special guests reflect on the words of six ancient songs with surprising answers to life’s biggest questions.


Please contact Stephanie Gear for further information.
DateGuestBigger Question
Tuesday 20th AugustJennie PakulaCan I get justice?
Tuesday 3rd SeptemberMatt JacobyWhat is authentic spirituality?
Tuesday 17th SeptemberSilvie PaladinoWhere can I find joy?
Wednesday 2nd OctoberJenny GeorgeHow can I be mentally fit?
Tuesday 15th OctoberDavid RobertsonIf God is real, where is He?
Tuesday 29th OctoberMark ConnerWhat happens when I die?