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Grads Welcome Brunch

Free brunch with the CBF workers' community

15 Feb 2020, 10.30am-12.30pm

Regular ticket(s)

Regular ticket(s)
$ 10

Grads & newish workers

Grads & newish workers


$ 6

Workers from across Canberra, representing many churches, wish to welcome you to Canberra!

If you are a grad or newish worker come and enjoy a free brunch with the CBF workers' community. We are preparing a delicious brunch with egg & bacon rolls, great coffee, etc (vego options available).

You will be able to find out about churches near you, and meet workers in or near your particular workplace who gather regularly to pray and encourage one another to be a witness to Jesus' love at work.

Although the brunch is free of charge for grads and newish workers, registration is required for all attending.

So come along, get connected, and be encouraged that you are part of something bigger! If you are already established in Canberra don't miss this opportunity to welcome the new workers.

Please contact Leon Hribar for further information.